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Bumblebeekidzís playschool in HSR layout aim to be leave no stone unturned in giving the best of the world to your children and help them toward the path of success in early development years. In fact, everything else takes the backseat for us when it comes to the complete development of children. We provide world-class equipment and best preschool, play school and kindergarten training in HSR layout so that the future generations have the best of early years.

The motto of the Bumblebeekidz play schools in HSR layout is to provide an ambience and atmosphere appropriate to the young kids and an individualistic approach. As the best play school in HSR layout, the bumblebeekidz has brought in a new perspective to the kindergarten teaching. Our main ethos is to provide the highest quality of child at the day care centers in a safe & loving environment based on our fundamentals of 3Es..Enquire, Explore & Experiment. Our pre schools and play schools in HSR layout promotes learning programs primarily through music, art, drama, dance, puppet show, field trips, Indoor and outdoor activities and adventure.

Why Should choose Bumblebeekidz as your kidís play school?

We at Bumblebeekidz offer a unique, thematic, and innovative and skill based syllabus to your precious little ones that has brought us among the top play school in HSR Layout and elsewhere. Our mode of imparting learning includes:

  • Hands-on learning for children through songs, games and activities
  • Emphasis on development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through dedicated skills rooms
  • Entertaining and involving activities to hone reading and pre-reading skills of children
  • Brushing creative skills through dedicated duration for creative arts
  • Improving vocabulary, language and listening skills with fun music and movement periods
  • Field trips to help inculcate a larger worldview
  • Mathematical learning with the help of exploration, manipulation and active investigation

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