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Day-care-center-in-HSR-LayoutBumble Bee Kidz is a second home for your child. we are the best Day Care Center in HSR Layout,
As parents, you can leave the worry of your child’s development to us.

Located in HSR Layout, we provide services for children from 6 months to 15 years of age,a structured program and activities which makes the child realise their capability and expand to what they can do. Just as a ‘Bumble Bee’ does.

The Nanny care takers are well educated and experienced to bring out the best from the child and give them a loving environment similar to home.

At Bumble Bee Kidz the activities are based on child developmental milestones wherein we try to engage each child at physical, mental and socio emotional level.

Our main motto is to emphasize the need for hygiene, safety and cleanliness especially when young children spend most of their time with us, and in furtherance of the same goal, we provide Organic food, washable beds, non-toxic plastic trays and child friendly furniture amongst other things..

Infant Day Care
We have designed a wonderful program to foster the daily development of infant minds and bodies. More than just a day care, your child starts his or her learning journey with us and we'll work with you to make the transition a smooth and happy time, creating a strong bond and a setting that feels like family.

Infant’s day activity
At Bumble Bee Kidz every day your child will be discovering new things using all five senses, copying simple actions and gestures of the people around them, experimenting with toy instruments, exploring textures, colors, and learning a variety of words and sounds through playing with other children. Each day is packed with carefully designed fun filled activities structured around the six main development areas.

Toddlers Day Care
Toddlers are always on the move and restless, When your child is all over the place, they're very much interested in discovering their world. Toddlers learn lot of things by observation hence it is necessary they are best in safe, loving places where they can explore, in their own way. The activities for toddlers age group are built around limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.

Character development is very important for Toddlers, Hence we teach on how Being kind and empathetic, and playing fairly are all things that make up character and we think it’s important to focus on them During their time with us your child will learn to count, discover writing and  music, and start building toward following simple instructions, writing, and the potty training. 


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